No matter which type of class it is, exposing your child to dance classes in Charlotte, NC, brings many benefits and advantages. Gone are the days of dancing in pink tutus to classical music, and now are the days of upbeat music, colorful costumes, and an enjoyable time. As dance classes are becoming more and more popular around the United States, boys are becoming increasingly interested in the different types of dance classes. The strength training and cardiovascular benefits that children get from participating in dance classes will create a foundation that they should keep for the rest of their lives. Exercise, however, is not the only benefit that children receive from dance; they also grow, learn, and socialize. If you aren’t aware of some of the dances that are becoming popular these days, several of them are listed below.


This beautiful and technical form of dance evolved with influences from Italy, France, and Russia. Your child should start out ballet in a very fun, and recreational way. Ballet becomes more demanding and challenging as the dancer improves. This form of dance really allows children to learn the specific moves of the dance, and also encourages discipline in the body and mind. Before beginning classes, talk with the teacher to really get a good idea of what type of instruction is given and what is expected of each student.


Children can start taking jazz classes at a very early age, but some get frustrated very easily because some of the moves are complicated. If the child isn’t ready and willing to put in the practice and hard work, they may decide to drop out because they can’t keep up. Make sure to never force your child into an activity; encourage them to participate, but never force. Some dance schools require that each student complete some prerequisites in order to participate in jazz. Don’t get frustrated if the prerequisites seem too extreme. The prerequisites are put in place to protect the child from injury and frustration.


This form of dance actually started in America in the 19th century. It was named for the tapping sound that the dancer’s shoes make when they are tapped on the ground. Tap has Irish, Scottish, and African influences. Children have started in tap dance classes in Charlotte, NC, as early as 3 years old, but these classes are more fun and improvisational in the later years.

When your kids come home from school, what do they do? Most likely they will watch TV, play on the computer or even go to play with friends while finish up work. But what’s missing from this picture? The fact that there isn’t an adult to supervise them and to make sure that they stay out of trouble. If you feel concerned about your child’s safety as well as the fact that they aren’t doing anything productive while you are gone then now is the time for you to get your child some after school care. No doubt you wish you could be home yourself to take care of your child, but getting some after school daycare might be the next best thing.

Homework Help

You have quite a few daycare options to choose from and it’s important that you research each choice so you can decide which type and facility is best for you and your child. But one thing you ought to consider looking for in an after school daycare is one that will help your child to complete their homework. The daycare provider will sometimes have the staff serve in two roles, to not only watch and care for your child, but to also tutor them. So that way when you go to pick your child up from the daycare, your child’s homework will already be done so you and your child can enjoy the rest of the day together. None of that time will be wasted on a lazy two to three hours gap between when you get off from work and when your child finishes school.


But with all work and no play, your child won’t enjoy being there at the daycare facility. So consider looking for an after school care program that has a set amount of time for not only homework, but for fun and structured activities as well. Most daycare facilities will have a variety of toys and games that are appropriate for the ages go to the daycare. Some daycare facilities will also provide activities that kids of all ages can enjoy or will split up the kids into their particular age group to play games that would be most enjoyable to them. The most important thing to consider when looking for a daycare program, your child should be able to enjoy going to the daycare facility since they spend most of their time there.